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The progress her team in the new startup is making and how she could help them move the needle…. or as Sheryl says: “….to make them speed up, markets aren’t waiting!”

From research around maximizing professional performance, the art of optimizing your business’s productivity and the latest psychological insights on what it takes to motivate young talents, we analyze Sheryl’s new team along the following 3 key questions:

1. Do you know what your key priority is? Sometimes as a leader we THINK we communicated clearly what our teams should focus on when we realize that there is no common understanding of what’s first and what’s last. Especially for millennials, communication is key – rather post the update several times than hope they come and ask you about it!

2. Is your top priority consistent with the company’s priority? For long-time motivation and true engagement of young professionals, their personal prios and the organizational prios must be in sync – otherwise, talents will switch places and all you can do is watch attrition giving you headaches!

3. Are you organized on a day-by-day-level? It’s great to have quarterly and monthly goals and plans all developed, but in order to get those done, your team must be good at mastering the time and resources available on a daily basis. So make sure that each of your team members has access to the skills needed to complete the tasks at hand and finds the opportunity presented challenging enough – only the combination of skills and challenge creates the desired flow state, causing true happiness of your employers.

Sheryl is razor-sharp in answering all those 3 critical questions for herself, but when she reflects about her team and key players in her new startup, she realizes that not all of them seem to be fully aware of their priorities. There are even a few who focus on something that’s not in line with the organizations key prio. Also, when it comes to having her core team play in the perfect corner of the skill-challenge-matrix, Sheryl identifies some action-items: 3 of her team members might not face a true challenge with the tasks given, others are lacking the skills or required coaching for developing those skills!

When have you asked yourself those 3 key questions around maximizing performance? How would you answer them if you look at your core team or direct reports? … Sometimes the first day you start asking is the first day things start improving!

Michaela Lindinger is the creator of the NOWING® Formula, a strategy used internationally by millennial talents to maximize their professional performance and stay healthy in the digital future of work. She is also the founder and CEO of braininspa. Connect with her @ braininspa.com

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