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David had to change his email signature recently from “HR Director”to “Chief Talent Officer”. What sounds like a promotion is also one. But it is more than that: his organization realized that there is only one significant factor for staying the market leader in their industry segment. It is not any smart technology, disruptive business model or any new big data analytics competency. Success in the digital economy has many important parameters in the equation but one of them is most critical: it is talents in key positions who are high performers and capable of managing a grounded life!

In his new role as Chief Talent Officer, David has one goal that is above all the others and it has nothing to do with financials, employee turnover, sick days or employee engagement. Well, maybe the last one is impacted in a positive way once David’s program works out. What David wants is attracting and retaining THE best talents available in the market to make sure the brightest minds help his company make the best products in the future. So he and his team – which is all talents of the company by the way – start on a journey to define their company’s 10-point Talent Mission. Here is a little pre-read:

We want talents, not perfectionists.
If you are always trying to get things perfectly right you might either not start at all, struggle with procrastination as a consequence of frustration and waste time in an endless search for the perfect solution although there is none! We rather give our best, make mistakes, fail fast and fail forward and most importantly: we are curious to learn from those mistakes!

We want balanced talents.
To be creative, innovative and productive one needs to be able to perform at highest levels. And for performing above average, you need to be healthy, enjoy a well-balanced private-work-life and use all your mental and physical energy in the best possible way. Thus, we allow for flexibility, avoid unnecessary stress and place premium attention on our private network!

We embrace change.
If the saying is true that change is the only constant, then this is particularly true in the digital economy. So we don’t work against change but accept change as an essential part of life – private and business.

We focus on the presence.
We are aware of the fact, that multitasking is not a strength but a weakness. So we focus on one task at a time and try to shape our real and virtual environment in a way that distraction is limited most. There is also no point of dwelling in the past or worrying about tomorrow because it distracts from giving the best today and adds an extra stress dose on top.

David’s Talent Agenda also included aspects around curiosity and care, commitment to strength and weakness, seeking after the positive side of a problem and many other aspects. All of this allows for a thriving work life and boosts his employee engagement index, boosts his company’s performance and financials, reduces his employee sick days and fluctuation to an all-time-low. And by then other C-levels understand the importance of talents in the digital future of work – if not before!

Michaela Lindinger is CEO and founder of braininspa.com where she works with innovative organizations and millennial talents to increase performance and improve health in the digital industry. Find out more about her NOWING® Formula at www.braininspa.com/nowing.

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