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It is our vision to create workplaces in the digital economy, where especially Millennials can enjoy and achieve maximum performance and stay healthy. At the same time, we help organizations to understand what it takes to gain and retain best Millennial talents for the future success of their business. So, we show our clients how to achieve innovative performance and healthiness in the digital era. Our focus is on visionary organizations who want to increase their productivity, engagement, trust, and innovation with less stress.

The way we work doesn’t fit into a „typical drawer“ because we live at the beginning of the disruptive economy where "classical" approaches have an expiry date. Nevertheless, we are aware of your desire to understand which “typical services” you can get from us:

# We share our experience and collaborate with you as your agile intrapreneur - others call this Consulting.
# We help you get clear on your most critical questions individually or for your entire leadership team - others call this Coaching .. and sometimes this needs innovative workshops as well.
# We train and practice techniques with you in the real world or online - others call this training or online programs.
# We come and speak while you sit and listen to latest trends, insights, and approaches - others call this speaking.

What works best? If we go for a blended approach, picking and combining the most relevant formats for you personally and for your organization! Let us know when you are ready to talk!


A transformation to connected anything requires just one thing: best talents first!

We understand the current digital transformation taking place in a world of connected anything. The lines between business and private life are blurred, the expectations on your individual performance and your team are higher than you want them to be. The multicultural, human-to-machine-collaboration is pushing individuals at the edge of their comfort zone.

Being aware of all these factors is one thing, but at brain in spa we want more: it is about being fully committed to helping tomorrow’s leaders on this journey to the digital top – not giving up despite a mobile, fast-paced, highly flexible work schedule. We provide the time and space to reflect for individuals as well as organizations, show full attention to you and will do everything possible to find your unique solution to a thriving business and professional life as you deserve it!

innovative products and disruptive services don't grow on trees but in the minds of high performing, healthy talents

At brain in spa we are passionate about future leaders, about digital professionals, about up and coming millennial talent and about organizations who want to attract and retain the best, highest performing and most resilient individuals. It is about working with you personally as well as with your organization to achieving innovative solutions and profitable growth whilst valuing a healthy setting for individual well-being.


applying a strategy used internationally to maximize professional performance and stay healthy in the digital future of work

Have you also noticed the change, the disruption, the “newness” that is in the air – or should we better say “in the cloud”? There is currently a digital transformation taking place and we are driving with 500 miles per hour towards a world of connected anything. Shared. Me. Digital. Disruptive. Realtime. Agile. The lines between business and private life are blurred and that has an impact on individuals in leadership positions, on young professionals, on talents like you! So the most critical key question of entrepreneurs, startup-CEOs and young professionals today is: How can you maximize professional performance and stay healthy in the digital era?

A simple, yet practical model to answer exactly this critical question is the NOWING® Formula: it is a strategy used internationally by millennials, young talents and entrepreneurs for maximizing professional performance and health in the digital future of work. The NOWING® Formula is re-inventing how talents around the world can enjoy a charged life with formats that fit a digital lifestyle. It is a proven process for working with more clarity, productivity, motivation and presence.... and a much lower stress level. Subsequently, not only your professional life will go in the direction you want to but also your wellbeing and your overall health will improve. Find out more in the new book “The NOWING® Formula”.

benefit from the passion of an internationally experienced millennial, innovative intrapreneur, author, consultant, blogger and coach

You profit from the experience of the CEO and founder of brain in spa and the creator of the NOWING® Formula, Michaela Lindinger, personally. Michaela is passionate about helping individuals and organizations in their transformation journey to maximizing professional performance and health in the digital era. She has 10+ years experience in a global management consulting firm where she was part of the executive team, responsible for value creation and innovation services.

Over the course of her career, Michaela worked with different management levels across cultures and helped international organizations answering their strategic exam questions in the digital age, managing their operations and developing their talents. Based on her Austrian business degree and her masters in Coaching Psychology from UEL / London with a specialty around leadership and health, Michaela combines proven business and psychological expertise.

In addition, she works as a lecturing professor for bachelor and masters courses at an Austrian University and is a board member of an innovative health service organization. With Michaela being a member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology you may rest assured that you are working with a true professional in the field. You will work with an absolutely authentic person who is married and Mum to a wonderful little daughter, who knows personally how great it is to have a highly successful, fast progressing career and who also values private life with enough time for family and friends.


helping you overcome real issues, in the real world, in real time with real people

Recent studies show that the impact of full-day trainings and seminars is very low: only 17% of the content from a seminar can be transferred by individuals into their daily work. So, a lot of time and money for very little output! The results of the latest learning research rather stress the importance of on-the-job-experience, frequent interactions in trustworthy relationships, focusing on current challenges and readily available knowledge and support, fostering a culture of daily learning, fail-fast-and-fail-forward and on-demand-expert-support. So what you will find at brain in spa are different formats that fit your individual needs in todays digital business life. And all of these services have one thing in common: helping you with real issues, in the real world, real time!

A Transformation To Connected Anything Requires Just One Thing: Best Talents First!

Innovative Products And Disruptive Services Don’t Grow On Trees But In The Minds Of High Performing, Healthy Talents

Applying A Strategy Used Internationally To Maximize Professional Performance And Stay Healthy In The Digital Future Of Work

Benefit From The Passion Of An Internationally Experienced Millennial, Innovative Intrapreneur, Author, Consultant, Blogger And Coach

Helping You Overcome Real Issues, In The Real World, In Real Time With Real People

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