healthy high performance in the digital economy

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The digital era is exciting, liberating – and wildly complicated. So how can you stay current? Better yet, how can you live on the forefront of innovation to exceed your own career ambitions? And how can you maximize your professional success without risking your health in the process? Who can help you to connect the dots and show you the best path to get what you really deserve?


brain in spa is an executive sparring & employee experience company.  We work with executives, senior professionals, successful millennial leaders, and their teams to create a healthy high-performance spirit and an innovative organizational culture. Because the digital economy and the future of work is much more about people than technology! 


No more missing purpose and vision – just clarity. No more limiting beliefs – just passion.  No more scope-creep – just productivity. No more being overwhelmed or frustrated – just the right sparring partner. Together we will turn your talents into making the impact you want!

I am happy to work with you because I care for you!

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Forbes Official Member

I’m Michaela Lindinger, founder and CEO of brain in spa – an executive sparring & employee experience company, where we inspire professionals, entrepreneurs and next-generation leaders for working with more clarity, productivity, passion and presence.

As one of the youngest executives in an international management consulting firm, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 organizations and clients around the world on digital strategies and large scale change projects. I was responsible for helping client teams with value creation, product and process innovations in multi-million-dollar projects. I have also worked with several national and international startups and corporates to guide their talents when preparing for the challenges of the digital transformation and adjusting their business models to become agile and purpose-driven again.

I understand successful entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders because I am a millennial serial founder and experienced corporate executive, working parent and family-manager. At 28, I received the Leadership Award for visionary leadership. I’m a lecturing professor for bachelor and masters courses on innovation and business models since the age of 29, a member of the international Forbes Coaches Council and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. For the last 15+ years I inspired my clients as a consultant and entrepreneur, keynote speaker, executive sparring partner, coach and productivity trainer.

The NOWING® Program

Through academic research and an international study, Michaela Lindinger designed the NOWING® Formula. Its purpose is to maximize performance and personal well-being in today’s fast-moving digital economy with a focus on Millennial’s needs. In a simple, fun, and practical manner, this program shows you what’s relevant for you in digital transformation, along the 6 elements of the NOWING® Formula. Professional success in the digital age is yours – and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your personal goals and your well-being. It comes with NOWING®.

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